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Juniper Jenn

Bumblebee Flogger

Bumblebee Flogger

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Something so cute can still hurt a little bit. Let your little feel the sting of the bumblebee flogger. Designed with your little in mind, this flogger can be displayed with all of the play toys they have, but used to punish when needed. It may be cute but don’t doubt the sting it can bring to any little brat that doesn’t respect how much it can sting. Add the clear falls for that graduated well seasoned queen bee to give extreme sting and have them buzzing afterwards!

Material - Marine Vinyl falls black and yellow
Solid White wood handle with epoxy resin finish.
Please feel free to message me your ideas I would love to see to making them come to life.

Handle - 8 Inches + 1.5 Inch Loop for Hanging
Falls - 22-24 Inches

Thank you so much for checking out this flogger. I have many more beautiful and unique designs I would love for you to check out at
You can even get a custom order made

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