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Juniper Jenn

Lustrous Lashes Florentine Flogger set

Lustrous Lashes Florentine Flogger set

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Introducing the Lustrous Lashes Florentine Flogger set, the perfect addition to your BDSM and sensual massage collection. This elegant set features two floggers, one in a rich amethyst color and the other in a soft blush pink. Each flogger is crafted with durable marine vinyl fabric falls for a satisfying sensation during play. The textured white wood handles are easy to grip and adorned with sparkling glitter for added luxury. With equal weighting, these floggers are well balanced and easy to handle, making them perfect for both BDSM play and sensual massages. Indulge in the fantasy with the Lustrous Lashes Floggers.

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