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Juniper Jenn

Rose Gold Glitter Chunk Flogger

Rose Gold Glitter Chunk Flogger

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Rose gold, also known as Russian Gold, is a timeless and precious color that has been around since the 1800’s. The Rose Gold Chunk Flogger is no exception to the beauty and breathtaking image of Rose Gold. If your brat loves the color of the smart watch they have or the color of the jewelry they must have, this needs to be added to complete their bedroom toys too.

Material - Marine Vinyl falls
Solid White wood handle wrapped in chunk glitter vinyl fabric

Handle - 8 Inches + 1.5 Inch Loop for Hanging
Falls - Long 22-24 Inches Short 11-12 inches
Your choice of Thin and Stingy Falls or Thick and Thuddy

Thank you so much for checking out this flogger. I have many more beautiful and unique designs I would love for you to check out at
You can even get a custom order made

JuniperJenn is not responsible for the outcome of use with this product. Upon Purchase, Juniper Jenn has No Responsibility for anything associated with the products sold. Use responsibly and at your own risk.

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