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Juniper Jenn

Sirens Scale flogger

Sirens Scale flogger

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Introduce yourself to the world of sensual BDSM with our luxurious "Siren's Scale" flogger. The soft pink pastel marine vinyl falls are designed to tantalize and tease the skin, leaving behind a trail of pleasure in their wake. The unique scale handle design is not only visually striking but provides a comfortable grip for precision and control during play. The neon pink falls adds a touch of vibrant color, makes it stand out in any collection.

The solid white wood handle provides a touch of elegance and sophistication, making this flogger the perfect addition to any collection. Run the falls over your partner's skin and watch as they shiver with pleasure. Indulge in the art of sensation play and discover the delicious power of our Siren's Scale flogger.

JuniperJenn is not responsible for the outcome of use with this product. Upon Purchase, Juniper Jenn has No Responsibility for anything associated with the products sold. Use responsibly and at your own risk.

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