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  • Spank Salve

    "Just got to use this on a newbie sub and they loved it so much. The smell is perfect because it's not soapy or flowery, it's more... medicinal? for lack of a better word... so it somehow seems more trustworthy and it seems like my subs instantly relax when they smell it."

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  • Peacock Flogger

    "Love this! Very beautifully crafted. The extras that came along were great! Would definitely buy more here!"

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  • Brat Buttter

    "Cute, fast shipping, and great price. Very almond smell but still great. My Dom also loved it!"

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  • Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash

    "Love this item and love this seller. She is so friendly, and her items are so fun and funky. As always I appreciate how nicely wrapped they are, I appreciate the care instruction sheet so thoughtfully included"

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Anal play for every level: Discover our curated collection of toys

From beginners to pros, we have something for every level of experience. Our collection features a wide range of toys, including beginners' butt plugs and anal beads to more advanced options like prostate massagers and inflatable toys.

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Couples' toys for enhanced pleasure

Take your partner play to the next level with our collection of sex toys designed for couples. Explore new sensations and strengthen your connection with your partner with our top-rated toys.

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Elevate your BDSM play

Experience the thrill of BDSM with our curated collection of gear and accessories. From beginner-friendly to advanced pieces, everything you need to take your BDSM play to the next level.

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Enhance your solo play

Indulge in pleasure with our collection of top-selling vibrators and masturbators. Perfect for solo play or to spice up your intimate moments, our collection has something for every desire

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The Juniper Jenn Difference

Experience the difference with Juniper Jenn. Our brand sets itself apart by offering a unique selection of handcrafted, high-quality floggers and a variety of sexual wellness products that are expertly crafted to provide maximum sensation and satisfaction. Our focus on sustainable and ethical practices ensures that every product is not only good for you but also for the environment. With exceptional customer service, our team is dedicated to ensure that your experience with Juniper Jenn is nothing less than perfect. Shop now and discover why Juniper Jenn is the go-to brand for sexual wellness enthusiasts

  • Grow and learn with Kinkslayer

    Discover a wealth of information and resources on sex education, personal growth, and kink with Kinkslayer

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  • Our collection of recommended resources

    We've curated a collection of recommended resources, including podcasts, books, articles, and more, to help our customers explore and expand their understanding of sexual wellness

  • Get expert advice with Embrace Sexual Wellness

    At Juniper Jenn, we believe that knowledge is power when it comes to sexual wellness.

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  • See a different side of Juniper Jenn

    Explore Juniper Jenn's exclusive adult content

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